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My first time and was

My first time and was assigned to Erika Barrera. I felt at ease speaking with Erika. She was friendly and professional at the same time. A lot of good information about the direction i need to go to better myself. Felt good when i left her office.

Michael Eppley

I had my first appointment

I had my first appointment with Neha Bomb and she was very informative and very nice. She explained everything and it was easy for me and answered any questions I had. I have been to other nutritionist in the past and I love my experience here. They broke it down so that is was easy for me to understand and something I can follow. They gave me all the paperwork to take home so I know exactly what I have to follow.
Thanks for a great appointment

Lisa Salaverria

My first appointment with

My first appointment with a dietitian nutritionist Michelle Berman was on 11-12-19. She was a very friendly, professional and gave a lot of information how I need to menage blood sugar level, list of food and also recommendation how loss extra weight. I started do a new style of diet and truly believe for my success and healthy future. Looking forward to meet Michelle Berman and her friendly team on next month.

Nina Craig

I had an appointment with

I had an appointment with Kendall Shanks, RDN. She was very knowledgable, informative and friendly. She explained my diet concerns and resources in a comprehensive manner and offered her availability, which gave me more confidence in her direction. I look forward to continued help from her.

Tod E.

At each appointment I learn something new.

I’ve been to the Nutrition Professionals 5 times in as many months and am learning how to eat better, and at the same time, my nutritionist has helped me to consistently lose weight each month. At each appointment I learn something new.

Roger B.