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Did you know that corporate wellness programs actually started in the late 70s? But it was the advent of the big tech firms over the past 20 years that have really moved these programs forward.

Companies of all sizes now see the value in a healthy, motivated workforce. They offer their staff subsidized or free wellness programs to promote general health and wellness, to minimize stress, fatigue, or just as an added employment benefit. These typically aren’t magnanimous gestures – there’s a financial reason behind it.

Did you know that employees in the United States miss 28.2 million workdays per year as a result of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, back pain and depression? The resulting decrease in productivity costs employers $530 billion dollars annually. 90% of the nation’s $3.8 billion in annual healthcare costs are for people with chronic and mental health conditions.

Good diet and nutrition are the bedrock of general health and wellness, so why not incorporate a corporate nutrition program into your workplace? The question is this; do your employees have the skills and tools they need to make sustainable lifestyle changes that are proven to improve their health and well-being? The solution is our corporate nutrition program that we call: Journey to Wellness.

Journey to Wellness

How to Optimize Your Health

Nutrition is foundational to our health and immunity, but life is busy and complicated. When it comes to changing your health, small changes can reap big rewards. Improving dietary patterns and food choices by even 20% could save $20 billion in direct and indirect costs.

Our corporate nutrition and wellness program – Total Human Nutrition – is designed to give your employees the tools they need to build that healthier life.

Improved health will bring big rewards for your employees and offer you, as the employer, an opportunity for increased productivity, a reduction in sick days, and savings in overall healthcare costs.

Corporate Nutrition Program

What Sets Our Corporate Nutrition Program Apart?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a critical piece in the development of optimal health.  A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is a food and nutrition expert who brings both nutrition proficiency and real-world experience. Teaching good nutritional principles is one thing but teaching people how to apply those principles in the less-than-ideal chaos of their busy lives is another.

As credentialed members of the medical community, our RDNs have the education and experience to pinpoint problems and develop strategies for nutrition and lifestyle changes. Changes that lead to results and long-term wellness.

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