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2020 has arrived!

2020 has arrived! You might be embarking on a new weight loss journey this year and The Nutrition Professionals are here to help!

Exercise will help us push through weight loss plateaus, maintain healthy hearts, mobile bodies and clear minds but studies have found that foundation for weight loss is actually what’s on your plate.

If you’re already headed to the gym, rather than thinking about adding an extra chunk of time to burn off that cheat meal you ate today – it might be easier and more time effective to switch up your diet.

Ultimately, it’s more about what to eat than what not to eat.  If you fill your plate with the right foods in the right amounts, you will give your body the ingredients to properly fuel your workouts, to feel energized throughout the day and make progress toward your health goals.

Dietary changes alone have been shown to have greater impact on weight loss than exercise alone.  Pair them – and you’re in for greater results and a healthier life overall!

Come visit The Nutrition Professionals to see how we can help you with your resolutions this year!

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