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3 Fad Diet Myths Busted

3 Fad Diet Myths Busted

There is a reason that a fad diet is called precisely that. The word “fad” refers to something that is often temporary. Fad diets trick us into believing that these temporary changes to what we choose to eat or drink — or choose to not eat or drink — will provide us with an attainment of our weight, health or wellness goals.

America’s weight loss industry is estimated to be worth over $60 billion dollars in recent years, with nearly 100 million active dieters in the United States. The truth is that most people who start on fad diets offered by this industry and end up losing weight, also end up gaining it all back.

While pills, potions and formulas sold by the weight loss industry will not help lead you to the lifestyle changes or level of health and wellness you are looking for, proven research that incorporates real food and nutritional guidance provided by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists will.  

Our goal is to help you incorporate realistic, long-lasting lifestyle changes that you can live with. At The Nutrition Professionals, we are busting diet myths daily and helping you stay away from fad diets, by providing research based information to help clients attain health, weight and wellness goals.

Here are three fad diet myths and the truths behind them:

Myth #1: Fad diets are healthy

Truth: Not all ways of eating are healthy for all people. You may have a certain health or medical condition that could make foods that are good for another person, unhealthy for you, or vice versa. Also, many fad diets have the tendency to lack the nutritional content that your body needs. For this reason and others, they could end up doing more harm for you than good.

Myth #2: The latest fad diet will help me lose weight

Truth: While it may seem that the latest fad diet can help you lose weight at first, the truth is that without making sustainable lifestyle changes, you will likely gain the weight back.

Myth #3: Fad diets work

Truth: There may be elements of a fad diet that help you learn more about nutrition than when you first started, however, the truth is that fad diets don’t work. Only by incorporating lifestyle changes that are sustainable over the long term and meet the specific state of health and nutrition that your body needs, will you see the long-lasting, effective change you are looking for.

If you are considering altering your diet for weight loss or to address another health condition or concern, talk to one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at The Nutrition Professionals. Our RDNs provide evidence and research based information to guide you in a healthy way towards your goals and provide nutritional counseling to support you along the way.

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