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Weight Loss

"Weight loss is hard enough to do alone, I couldnít have done it without Michelle Berman. The constant support, guidance and tutelage is what kept me consistent, committed and successful."
- A.C., Phoenix

A.C. had gastric by-pass surgery on April 18, 2013. He worked with The Nutrition Professionals to learn how to eat before and after his surgery and has been very successful reaching his goals.

"Before I met Michelle Berman, RD, CDE, I was a slave to food. I thought I was doing the right thing by avoiding carbohydrates and eating a small meal every three hours. But in truth, I was hungry all the time and I was always thinking about food. Food was the center of my life. I was also struggling with hypoglycemic episodes and unpredictable bouts of fogginess and fatigue. On top of all this, I was steadily gaining weight. I was SO frustrated! When I met Michelle I told her that I want to lose weight but there are two things Iím unwilling to do, exercise more and give up desserts. Michelle did not argue. Hers is a leadership style of understanding and empathy. She guides primarily by educating and listening.

Here we are two years later. I eat balanced meals (most of the time) and exercise regularly. Food is no longer at the center of my life. The center of my life is working, playing, running, shopping, and doing all the active things I like to do. Michelle taught me how to see food, not as the focus of my day, but as the fuel that keeps me going strong all day. I understand how to plan balanced meals, how to prevent hypoglycemia, and how to keep my body feeling healthy and my mind clear. I have also lost weight and am at a healthy weight again. Meeting with Michelle on a regular basis is one of the best time investments I have ever made for myself."

- NS, Mesa